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Kevin Wilson to Indiana fans: Stay until the end of the danged game

Indiana’s coach is tired of watching the stands empty well-before the game ends. He’s got a point.

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Indiana v Michigan State
Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

During his Monday press conference, coach Kevin Wilson had a message for the one element of Indiana University football he doesn’t really have any control over: the fans. His message? Stay for the whole danged game.

“We played like our fans and left in the fourth quarter...We’ve got good fans. Those tailgates are still there. If you buy a good enough cooler, that stuff’ll stay cold for you. Let’s ride out the second half.”

In addition to revealing himself as a Real YETI Guy, Wilson’s making a pretty decent point. Part of taking that next step as a program is making Memorial Stadium a place where people don’t want to come play. IU fans know all about creating intimidating fan atmospheres, as any B1G basketball player from the past fifty years or so can attest, and Wilson noting Marshall as an example shows why a smaller stadium isn’t an excuse. Staying to the end isn’t just delaying your next beer, it can help the team win games.

Some of those places that are small that are right on top of you, you can feel the fans...Fans help you win games. Love to have our fans come help us. That’s our house. They’re a part of us.

If this team’s going to be anything, it’s going to need a fan presence. The team’s play so far this year shows they’re holding up their end of the bargain (i.e. not being a disaster). Staying in the stadium for an extra half hour or so, in most cases, won’t hurt anyone. Those YETIs will keep your cold ones cold.