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OSU second, Louisville jumps to third in AP Top 25

After boatracing FSU, Louisville jumps up to the top three while Iowa falls out of top 25

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With College Gameday in town, Lights, Camera, Jackson led Louisville to a thorough destruction of Florida State and, as a result, sent Louisville into the top three of this week’s AP poll.

Alabama remained first while Ohio State jumped to second and Michigan remained fourth.

AP Top 25

1 Alabama(50) 1510

2 Ohio State(4) 1442

3 Louisville(6) 1406

4 Michigan(1) 1277

5 Clemson 1258 —

6 Houston 1245

7 Stanford 1195

8 Michigan State 1084

9 Washington 1040

10 Texas A&M 890

11 Wisconsin 828

12 Georgia 726

13 Florida State 722

14 Tennessee 707

15 Miami 565

16 Baylor 529

17 Arkansas 528

18 LSU 517

19 Florida 479

20 Nebraska 420

21 Texas 196

22 San Diego State 183

23 Ole Miss 172

24 Utah 154

25 Oklahoma 139

Others receiving votes: TCU 132, North Dakota State 74, UCLA 74, Boise State 69, Iowa 47, California 44, Oklahoma State 42, Notre Dame 32, Oregon 23, Georgia Tech 17, North Carolina 17, Central Michigan 16, South Florida 7, Toledo 6, Western Michigan 6, Arizona State 3, Maryland 3, Virginia Tech 1.

In Big Ten news, Iowa is likely the biggest story, falling from 13th-ranked to unranked after falling at home to North Dakota State. The FCS powerhouse nearly snuck into the rankings this week, setting a record for votes received for an FCS school.

Wisconsin fell two spots after struggling mightily at home with a Georgia State team that lost handily to Ball State in week one.

Michigan State jumped four spots after hanging on for a win over Notre Dame, silencing some doubters (like us) in the process. There’s now a very good chance, assuming the Spartans win at home against Wisconsin, that Michigan State comes to Bloomington as a top-ten ranked team.

Nebraska’s win over Oregon knocked the latter out of the top 25 while the former stays ranked at 20th.

Florida State was the biggest loser, falling 11 spots and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving program.

For a deeper look at the Big Ten after week three, check out Ben’s power rankings.