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Billy Preston lists IU in his final 5

A very late arrival onto the recruiting board is a major name in the class of 2017.

As of this afternoon, I did not know who Billy Preston was. That doesn't matter anymore, because Billy Preston certainly knows about Indiana. The #12 overall player in the class of 2017, a prospect who has had almost zero ties to the Hoosiers among recruiting circles aside from a little lip service years ago, announced today changes to his final schools that he is considering, and IU is now among those listed.

The five star Forward prospect, who stands 6'8" tall and is 220 lb, attends Oak Hill Academy in VA. He had narrowed down his list to 4 schools in March, among them Arizona, USC, Kansas, and Maryland. That changed soon after #1 overall recruit DeAndre Ayton popped for the Wildcats, and citing a desire to forge his own path, he dropped Arizona from his list and added NC State and Indiana.

I could pretend to try to explain how and why this occurred by finding generic quotes he has given to reporters in the past about the recruiting process, but instead I will direct you to some of his highlight videos, and hopefully you will then be like me and not care why, but just be happy that Billy Preston in an Indiana uniform is now a distinct possibility.