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Meet Tyler Natee, your new favorite Indiana Hoosier

Tyler Natee is a freshman bulldozer who might well just become the Hoosiers’ red-zone secret weapon.

Last week, we brought attention to IU’s punter, Joseph Gedeon, and his very un-punter-like athleticism.

In this week’s edition of unknown Hoosiers, we highlight Tyler Natee.

Natee was brought into the light Monday morning when Big Ten Network’s Dave Revsine tweeted about him while watching the Hoosiers practice this morning.

After raving about him, Wilson then unveiled a red zone package that feature Natee as the quarterback.

Naturally, no one had a clue Natee was even on the roster, let alone a potential quarterback option.

So who the hell is Tyler Natee?

Natee is a freshman running back who is listed at 6’0, 260 pounds on IU’s fall camp preseason roster. As a senior, he played at Trinity in Texas, a 6A high school where he led the team to a regional final, a 10-1 record and a ranking of No. 1 in the state and No. 4 nationally.

In his senior season, Natee compiled 1180 all-purpose yards with nine touchdowns.

However, not surprisingly, Natee isn’t your average runner. Calling him Ron Dayne-esque would be fair. Calling him a bulldozer would be closer, though.

Any poor soul who dares get in front of Natee will be left in the dust.

Entire teams can not tackle this man.

The only time Natee goes to the ground is when he allows himself to be tackled.

Even then, Natee sometimes likes to show how superhuman he is.

That was 10 dang yards after having 10 of the players on the defense on his back.

Now I know what you’re wondering. If this guy is a QB, can he actually throw the ball?

Ok I’m all in. Let’s get weird. Fake punts and wildcat runs. Embrace #TeamChaos.

In fact, let’s just dub the season “Fast Punters and Fat Runners: The 2016 IU Football Story.”