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Get your 2016 Indiana football THE KICK WAS GOOD tee, now

Indiana football kicks off the season tomorrow -- and you need an awesome dang t-shirt from a local company.

Hey, there's an Indiana football game tomorrow! What are you gonna wear?


The kick was good. The shirt you're wearing right now is bad.

We're collaborating with our new friends at Hoosier Proud to bring you the CQ Collection -- a line of IU-specific tees with CQ's stupid and dumb personality and Hoosier Proud's awesome quality. These aren't those cheap Adidas tees that are rigid and suck, either -- they're super-comfortable, durable, and actually fit well enough you can wear them out of your home!

But don't worry -- we're not taking any profits from these shirts, every dollar you spend will stay with an awesome, growing local company based right here in Indiana. You can check out their other awesome lines and offerings right here.

We'll be coming out with more and more tees throughout the season -- and we've already got a few in the works. Got an idea you'd like to see? Share it with us in the comments.