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Meet Joseph Gedeon, your new favorite Indiana Hoosier

The Hoosiers have a 6-3 sophomore athlete who can dunk a basketball taking the field for the football team - as a punter.


As we inch closer to Indiana’s football season, players and coaches took the time to avail themselves to the media to answer a few burning questions. Don Fischer, as he’s known to do, brought some hard-hitting inquiries about the punting job. Senior Erich Toth handled the job last season, but his graduation has left the spot wide open and Kevin Wilson’s first answer as to who could fill that spot was Joseph Gedeon.

Listen, I get that writing about a punting competition is basically peak “we are desperate for content” but I swear this is different.

So just who is this Joseph Gedeon? Well he’s 6-3 out of Columbus North High School and- OH MY GOD

Any player who can crack out a 4.4 is deserving of our attention when we are basically starving for literally any little thing about football season. When that player is the punter? Oh we’re taking a deeper dive.

Man if he can jump that high in the weight room I wonder if he can-

I am assuredly speaking for everyone when I say that I want this guy to get the punter gig and keep it forever. Every fourth down is going to be must-see TV. Kevin Wilson ran a fake punt from his own 16-yard line against OHIO DANG STATE (and as you probably know, it didn’t go very well) so imagine what he’s drawing up now that he’s got a punter that, by all accounts, should probably also be on the basketball team.

Bottom line: any time they snap the ball to this kid and he actually kicks it, I’m going to be extremely bummed out.