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Indiana Basketball's 2016-17 Big Ten schedule has been released and it's pretty good maybe

The orangeball Hoosiers now have the roadmap to a third Big Ten title in five years in their hands.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It wouldn't be almost-Indiana-football-season without spending a few minutes talking about basketball.

The schedule is out, here it is:

Dec. 28: Nebraska at Indiana
Jan. 3: Wisconsin at Indiana
Jan. 7: Illinois at Indiana

Jan. 10: Indiana at Maryland
Jan. 15: Rutgers at Indiana
Jan. 18: Indiana at Penn State
Jan. 21: Michigan State at Indiana
Jan. 26: Indiana at Michigan
Jan. 29: Indiana at Northwestern
Feb. 1: Penn State at Indiana
Feb. 5: Indiana at Wisconsin
Feb. 9: Purdue at Indiana
Feb. 12: Michigan at Indiana
Feb. 15: Indiana at Minnesota
Feb. 21: Indiana at Iowa
Feb 25 or 26: Northwestern at Indiana
Feb. 28: Indiana at Purdue
March 4: Indiana at Ohio State

At first glance, in August, it looks quite manageable. No trip to East Lansing and three straight at home to start the conference slate. The Hoosiers do close with 4 out of the last five on the road, but that almost seems easy compared to last season's end of the year run in which Indiana played #17 Purdue, at Illinois, at #16 Iowa, and #14 Maryland and managed to go 4-0 to secure an outright Big Ten title by two games.

There is one legitimate gripe with the early run of home games, though:

Oh well.