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Troy Williams to join Phoenix Suns Summer League team

The swingman went undrafted, but quickly found a landing spot.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Recently departed IU forward and resident enigma Troy Williams has found a job. Williams chose to leave Indiana a year early to enter the draft, but as some expected he went undrafted last night, and has landed with the Phoenix Suns. According to the official IU basketball Twitter account, he'll be joining the Suns' summer league team.

Before y'all decimate the comments with Hot Takes on how this proves Troy shouldn't have left, don't. The dude is who he is, and probably wasn't going to do a lot better than this unless he went full Jamie Vardy next year. Phoenix is a pretty decent landing spot, too. P.J. Tucker, T.J. Warren, and Chase Budinger are the only small forwards on the Suns roster right now, and Budinger's contract is up. Troy certainly isn't guaranteed a place, but there's room for him there. We'll see how he does this summer, but there's a path for him to get on an NBA roster here.