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NBA Draft: Top 5 Landing Spots For Troy Williams

With Troy Williams' future to be decided in the coming weeks, we take a look at the best teams for Williams' to join in the NBA.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

After a polarizing career at Indiana University, Troy Williams declared for the NBA Draft at season's end, then chose to remain in the draft despite a subpar performance at the NBA Draft Combine.

With the Draft now less than two weeks away, Williams' future will be determined very soon. As a end-of-the-second-round prospect, Williams may be better off not being drafted, giving him options for a team that best fits him as opposed to potential being forced into a bad situation.

With that in mind, what are the best landing spots for Troy Williams? As a project player needing to develop a jump shot and too often a turnover machine, where can Williams be plugged in and have a chance at success?

Let's take a look at the five best landing spots for Williams:

5. Brooklyn Nets

Maybe the most controversial pick on this list, but the Brooklyn Nets could be a solid landing spot for Williams for a couple reasons. Most importantly, there would be zero pressure on Williams to contribute on the Nets. The Nets are bad thanks in part to Billy King sabotaging the future for old Kevin Garnett and old Paul Pierce.

The result is a Nets side devoid of assets. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson was acquired via trade last season, but the next best asset would likely be Shane Larkin. Yes THAT Shane Larkin, from Miami. They need young talent and especially a young 3-and-D guy like Williams.

The Nets have the 55th pick in the Draft, which also makes this pick more likely.

4. Chicago Bulls

Another interesting situation, but the Bulls are in the middle of an identity crisis. Their front court is old and likely on the way out in Pau Gasol, Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah. Derrick Rose will never be the Rose of old and their future superstar, Jimmy Butler, already is on shaky ground with management.

The Bulls could use an influx of young talent to build around Butler and Williams could be a wing guy to go beside him. Williams' defensive ability could take pressure off Butler and he would have time to grow, assuming the Bulls rebuild like they should.

Chicago has the 48th pick in the draft, which might be high for Williams but if the Bulls see something they like, they may go after the former Hoosier.

3. Portland Trailblazers

Now we enter possibly some more realistic and likely options for Williams. The Trailblazers do not have a pick in the draft this year, so the only option would be an undrafted free agent, but the intriguing part of the the Blazers is their history of development.

Most notably, the Blazers' staff developed the duo of CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard into studs, as seen this season as that duo led Portland back to the playoffs.

More than that, the Blazers got career years out of Al-Farouq Aminu Allen Crabbe, Mason Plumlee and even got some good minutes out of Noah Vonleh this season.

That type of track record would bode well for someone like Williams, who has strengths but his weaknesses out-weigh those. Given time with Portland's staff, Williams could develop into the 3-and-D he's capable of becoming.

2. Memphis Grizzlies

Here's a wildcard for you. The Memphis Grizzlies, however, would be an absolutely great landing spot for Williams for one main reason:

First. Team. All-Defense.

Tony Allen would be a perfect mentor to Williams because, like Troy, he can't shoot! His skill set is similar to Williams' and he can help bring out the strengths in Williams' game.

More than that, the Grizzlies have a history of drafting non-shooters who are good at defense, so Williams further fits their M.O. With Matt Barnes' contract off the books, Lance Stephenson holding a team option and Vince "How Is He Still In The League" Carter on his last year of his deal, Williams could bring some much needed youth to the wing rotation.

And who wouldn't want a Stephenson-Allen-Williams-Randolph-Gasol lineup that no one would score on?

Memphis holding the 57th pick in the draft makes this a likely destination.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

Shockingly, the best situation for Williams is one of the best teams in the league. Can you believe that?

The Thunder will, at least in my opinion, retain Kevin Durant at least one more year before he and Russell Westbrook enter free agency together.

In all their years in the league, the third perimeter position next to Durant and Westbrook has been a revolving door, seeing Kevin Martin, Thabo Sefolosha, Jeremy Lamb, Kyle Singler and Andre Roberson give their best shots.

The most success the team had was with Sefolosha, a defender first who could hit the spot-up jumper at times, which is the best-case scenario for Williams and his NBA career.

Williams could step in and take minutes off Durant with a role off the bench and potentially even minutes next to Durant as a 3-and-D guy, helping keep Durant rested during the season.

OKC does not, however, have a late second round pick, meaning Williams would only land here if he went undrafted.