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Cody Latimer arrested on a misdemeanor warrant following an unrelated domestic disturbance.

A bizarre story out of Denver involving former Indiana Hoosier wide receiver, Cody Latimer.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is some story:

Latimer was arrested for failing to appear in court regarding a traffic violation, which he has claimed he was not aware of. Which is actually a fairly regular thing in the world, for whatever reason. What makes Latimer's story different, is the police served the warrant after showing up to his residence following a call regarding a domestic disturbance at the address from Cody Latimer.

Latimer told police that his girlfriend put her hands on him and police took her into custody on suspicion of assault, according to the report by Denver Post. Latimer settled the matter regarding his warrant and was then released, issuing a statement:

We'll pass along more details as they become available.