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NFL Draft 2016: Darius Latham among three Indiana Hoosiers to sign undrafted free-agent deals

At least one more is expected. We'll update the list as they come in.

Three selections made the 2016 NFL Draft the most celebrated day since 2010 for Indiana football -- but a handful of others will get shots to make league rosters as well. Anyone that's been close to the process will tell you the undrafted free agent process after the draft concludes might be the craziest half-hour of the league year, but so far four Hoosiers have inked deals as undrafted free agents. They'll all receive unguaranteed three-year contracts, with the first year salary only kicking in once they've made the 53-man roster. Up until that point, they'll only recieve a weekly per-diem. The only up-front compensation comes with the signing bonus -- which can very greatly even at the UDFA level. "Priority UDFA" -- or players highly sought after by NFL teams that most had on Draft boards can see signing bonuses as high as $20-$25K. The average player that might have the roster stacked against them to make the 53-man -- or even the initial 75-man cut -- usually sees somewhere less than $10,000, as low as $1,000.

In other words, these guys won't be getting rich just year. But there are plenty of current NFL stars making millions per year that came to the league as undrafted free agents. Last year's NFL leader in touchdown receptions -- Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks -- was undrafted out of Stanford in 2011, for example.

Anyway, here are some Hoosiers to be looking out for as rookie mini-camps get underway.

Darius Latham, Oakland Raiders

Latham had a late-round grade as a prospect on most draft boards, and was Mel Kiper's second best defensive tackle remaining in the mid-point of the 5th round on Saturday. Still, 100 picks came and went -- and the Indianapolis native that entered the Draft early failed to hear his name called. The DUI that he picked up in March is assumed to be the aversion for most NFL teams.

Jake Reed, Atlanta Falcons

The Hoosiers' senior Center anchored the middle of one of the Big Ten's best offensive lines -- and lands in camp with the Falcons. He'll be there with former interior IU O-line mate Collin Rahrig, who's on a futures deal with Atlanta.

Michael Cooper, Washington

The senior tight end had 17 catches, including 2 touchdown grabs in 2015. He'll head to Washington with his quarterback.