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Bobby Knight returned to Indiana to stump for Donald Trump and said a bunch of stupid things

Old man says dumb things on stage with other old man.

Former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight endorsed Donald Trump, a very bad CGI-based age projection of what an Oooma Loompa would look like in 2042, for President tonight in Indianapolis. He said lots of dumb things, because this is what Bobby Knight has made a career of doing for decades.

There's the video of his formal endorsement of the "man most qualified to be president ever" -- but here are some other highlights:

- Referenced the '76 team for no reason, the exact same one that he wouldn't show up to see on their 40th anniversary in Bloomington, despite their urging.
- Wore a red sweater, because he is a terrible, bitter, petty troll king.
- Called Harry Truman the best president ever! Which, uh, sure!
- Talked about putting Trump on Mount Rushmore!
- Told a rambling story that didn't make sense. It wasn't good.

- B     E      N     G      H     A       Z       O
- Thanked fans for the opportunity to coach basketball here, as the only ones he seemingly cares about are the 3,000 people at a Trump Rally, seemingly!

If you're following along at home, that's the second time Bob Knight's returned to Indianapolis in recent months: the last to attend a fish fry fundraiser for Purdue Alumni. This is because Bob Knight is, and always has been, and bitter, terrible, petty old man that Indiana University should no longer be concerned with honoring in any fashion. Knight does not care about you, or his players, or fans, and certainly not Indiana University. Bob Knight cares about Bob Knight, his hunting land, his will-not-be-president buddy who is best described as an ambulatory merkin, and his butt-backward world views on the world that lead to the concoction that Harry Truman is America's greatest ever president.

Knight no longer needs a hero's welcoming return to Bloomington. Tonight was the most fitting way for him to be honored in the state -- stumping for a man who pledges to bring America back to the time when assaulting the unpaid collegiate athletes on your team or the students on your campus for not addressing you by the proper name was hip and good and cool. There has never been a more perfect match for sports endorsement and political campaign -- Bob Knight, the man that ran on uncontrollable and misdirected anger, and the campaign that has quantified such into an actual, somehow real, political movement. It is Knight's First Amendment right to speak on political topics, just as it is for fans, former players, and the current Indiana administration to go, meh, no thanks.

Bob Knight was a good basketball coach at Indiana.

He's also a small, bitter old man with a backward and bigoted worldview, and if Indiana University wastes not a second more bending over backward to honor him, we'll all be better for it.