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Indiana announces plans to enclose Memorial Stadium's south end zone, build new athletic arena as part of $170 million campaign

Assembly Hall, Bill Armstrong Stadium, and possibly Indiana University Golf Course will also see further upgrades as part of the massive fundraising campaign.

In the near future, Indiana football will be playing in a stadium with two fully-enclosed ends.

This afternoon, Indiana announced plans to built out the south end zone of Memorial Stadium and build a new volleyball and wrestling arena to replace University Gym, all as part of a $170 million capital campaign for Indiana athletics in conjunction with the university's coming bicentennial in 2020. $124 million has already been raised privately for the campaign, which will split the funding between scholarships and facilities.

Reading into the tea leaves here, it seems the gifts to fund the South End Zone renovations and further Assembly Hall upgrades and nearly paid for in full under the already raised $124 million. Fred Glass said in his press conference today that Bill Armstrong Stadium and Indiana's antiquated golf course could also see renovations, if gifts are secured. Those would cost $6 million and $11 million to renovate, respectively.

You can check out pictures of the facilities & from the announcement today. We'll have more information on the campaign as it becomes public today.