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Dumb website struggles to cope with team's elimination from NCAA Tournament

No, Tom Crean didn't want to cut the nets down after he beat Kentucky. Ignore this.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Today, a dumb and bad website reported a dumb and bad thing because their team is no longer in the NCAA Tournament. Do not give any credibility to this dumb and bad thing.

Kentucky Sports Radio, which is definitely not what would occur if Donald Trump created a sports website on his own after having four beers at Chili's, is reporting that Tom Crean wanted to cut the nets down after beating Kentucky in Des Moines. Here is, for your consumption, the quote from

A source who would know, and one we trust, told Matt Jones that Tom Crean asked the NCAA if his team could cut down the nets after upsetting Kentucky in Iowa. Matt told the story on today’s show, and it would be so unbelievable if it were anyone but Crean.

Of course, the NCAA reminded Crean that there were two teams set to play another game, and rules require all games to be played with nets hanging from the rims. He probably held a parade somewhere outside the Wells Fargo Center instead.

I do not know, for a fact, this is untrue. Tom Crean, in theory, could have made such a remark and meant it sincerely. It is also assuredly not true, because there are, roughly, 1,000 reasons why it is not true. Here are some of those reasons.

1. There was another game after Indiana-Kentucky, involving Kansas & UConn, which likely needed nets.
2. Ergo, Tom Crean would have to be very dumb man to believe he could do this.
3. Tom Crean, who you may believe is many things, is not this dumb.
4. Indiana, reportedly, had a firm departure time of 8:50 CT, so, no, the nets could not be cut after that game.
5. Tom Crean actually remarked to someone to cut the nets, which would be a rather hilarious and rare instance of Crean demonstrating some self-deprecating humor.
6. Indiana beat Kentucky in the 2016 NCAA Tournament.
7. Kentucky no longer is in the 2016 NCAA Tournament.
8. Indiana, however, still is in the 2016 NCAA Tournament.

In sum, no, Tom Crean most likely did not want to cut the nets down after Indiana beat Kentucky, a team that is no longer in the NCAA Tournament. However, he should cut the dang nets down after every game, just to make Matt Jones mad on the internet.