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2016 NCAA Tournament: North Carolina's Brice Johnson thinks top-seeded North Carolina is an underdog against Indiana

Uhhhhhhhhhh, what?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

So, here's a thing.

At today's press conference ahead of Friday's Sweet 16 matchup against Indiana, North Carolina big man Brice Johnson had this to say about the team's doubters, haters, et cetera.

We're the underdogs half the year. We've got a lot of people saying we're underdogs in a lot of games, and we've proved them wrong in all those regards. So keep calling us the underdogs and we'll just keep proving you wrong.

Valid view here from Johnson. It's not like North Carolina's a major conference champion, or tournament champion, or a number-1 seed, or some team that gets hyped up by new-fangled analytics such as KenPom. Heartwarming story for the plucky upstarts at a program like North Carolina, which is so commonly overlooked by national media members and rarely gets the big stage.

Here's the video from Johnson's presser -- good on Brice Johnson for standing up for all the little guys in sports.