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2016 NCAA Tournament: From the committee to CBS, this was the worst Selection Sunday ever

What in the hell just happened??

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Everything about this Selection Sunday was terrible. This is a little bit of homerism, but mostly, it's just common dang sense. In your life have you seen a bracket as piss poor as this one? And could you have ever imagined even a year ago that the bracket would be leaked before CBS even got half the field announced? Where to start, where to start?


The first problem, which was evident as soon as CBS made the announcement, was that the Selection Show was slated for two hours. We all know how the Selection Show should go: It starts at 6 p.m. The 1-seeds get announced at 6:03 p.m. They discuss them. They take a commercial break at 6:07. Then at 6:10, they start announcing the number-1 overall seed's region. By 6:40, the entire bracket is out. The panel talks about who they like in each region, they note a few must-see games and upset specials. Then they have the Chairman of the Selection Committee on to explain the one or two shockers.

What we got instead was 68 teams in 90 minutes, sprinkled in between terrible analysis and Charles Barkley molesting the touchscreen. Doug Gottlieb tried to steal the show by screaming about Indiana and Kentucky in the same bracket, but he just didn't get the credit he deserved for what he contributed to the show.

Seriously though, the Barkley-touchscreen bout was a heavyweight matchup that flopped just like Mayweather-Pacquiao. Ernie Johnson spent about seven minutes trying to teach him how to use the touchscreen just so he could pick one round worth of games, and chalk in every matchup. It was turrible.

Somebody got so fed up, they leaked the entire bracket on Twitter, which effectively ruined all the suspense of Selection Sunday, which is the only thing that makes this one of the best sports days of the year. All we can hope is that it was someone at ESPN and that this leads to a massive lawsuit and that it ends in a settlement that requires the worldwide leader to apologize to the world for putting Dick Vitale on television and to name Bill Simmons as President and CEO.

The Bracket

Who knew you could bitch about Selection Sunday for 363 words without ever talking about the bracket?!? But you can.

First thing's first: The Big Ten got hosed. Michigan State was passed over for Oregon for the 1-line. Look at Oregon's resume. Compare it to Indiana's. What's different other than the conference tournament performance?

The rest of the Big Ten all got knocked down a line or two from projections too. Jim Delaney probably needs to do some answering for this (for Rutger), but clearly the committee thought nothing of the Big Ten this season.

But beyond those seedings that hit close to home, how can anyone reconcile Vanderbilt and Tulsa getting in at all, let alone the Syracuse Orange being a 10-seed and not in Dayton? The committee must have forgotten that Boeheim cheated and got suspended for a reason.

At least Syracuse plays a tough 7-seed, like Iowa, right? Wrong. They get Dayton. Lol.

Duke is over-seeded for about the 23rd straight season.

Indiana and Kentucky were both seeded down a line from where they belonged, and now one of them is guaranteed to have a disappointing opening round weekend, when these teams shouldn't have been allowed to meet before the Elite 8. If Louisville and SMU were in the dance, the SEC Tournament champion and Big Ten outright regular season champion may have been 5- and 6-seeds, respectively.

About the only thing that happened that is good is that if UConn wins it's opener with Colorado, we'll get a real shot at the world remembering once again that Bill Self has had one good tournament run in his life, but generally loses about two or three games early.

If all that wasn't infuriating enough, check out the entire seed list:

Just as an example of how jacked this is, it sure looks like Indiana should potentially be facing Iowa State in the second round, not Kentucky.


This Selection Sunday sucked. It was terrible. Hopefully the tournament goes better than this.

Last thing: Root for the Big Ten. Even Purdue. When an entire conference is undervalued, the only thing that makes it better is to win. Several Big Ten teams in the Sweet 16 would be nice. A couple in Houston would be even better. Root for that.