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Watch this terrible Purdue March Madness rap video, which is assuredly the worst thing I've ever seen on the internet


Oh my god. Oh my god. Help me. Help me, lawd.

Okay, listen. White kids make bad rap songs. It's fine. This happens often. They are, forever and always, bad and terrible. Some are occasionally catchy -- Macklemore made a career off this, it's fine. You can have your Macklemore.

However, this is unequivocally, this worst thing I've ever seen on the internet. This is Bad. It's beyond bad. The junk-talking line in the song is insinuating that "BOILERS DON'T MESS" which I assume means they don't, you know, poop their pants. This is a low bar for something to talk smack over, but that's fine. If "not soiling yourself" is your bar, fly high above such bar, friend.

Also, there's real footage of Neil Armstrong on the damn moon because Purdue. Look at this. Look at it.

Give this a Grammy, and a Golden Globe, and all the other awards. I love this. I want to kiss this. Look at this.

One change, let's fix the talent.

There. That's better.

H/T to Eric Lear