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The Pros and Cons of Troy Williams

DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to suggest that Indiana would be better off without Troy Williams. Troy is a very capable basketball player, but is also very capable of some dumb mistakes.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Watching Troy Williams on the basketball court is like listening to a piece of symphonic music. There are plenty of ups, quite a few downs, and occasionally a note or two so wrong as to inspire insanity in the audience. And so it goes every time Troy drives to the basket with his head down: hoping for the best, and praying he doesn't turn the ball over.

There is no doubt that when Troy is on, he is one of the most exciting players to watch during an Indiana game. Highlight reel dunks, highlight reel blocks, highlight reel everything; this is Troy Williams at his best.

However, what makes Troy so exciting also makes Troy so infuriating: when he is playing out of control basketball, he will either do something spectacular or he will drive into a turnover, and the only way to know which it will be is whether or not he has an open lane to the basket. For every scintillating swat of a shot into the third row, there's a silly foul committed by missing a defensive switch. Unpredictable can be good, but being hard to predict means you also can lose track of what it was you were going to do, and then find yourself stuck in a very bad position.

All of this said, Indiana needs Troy Williams, or someone very much like him. You just can't teach height and athleticism, and Troy possesses enough of both that he can afford to have some problems during the game, because he will make up for them in other ways. He is certainly a fan favorite, and some day we'll probably be watching him play basketball for a living. That doesn't mean he'll be perfect, or that he even needs to be perfect, but there are still some things that he hasn't yet figured out how to control, and until he does, there will be times where he needs to sit on the bench and not be a liability for the team.

But, as with all symphonies, when everything sounds just right, you'll be begging for an encore performance.