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Indiana climbs back into the AP Top 25, up one spot in the USA Today Coaches' Poll

The blowout loss at Michigan State didn't seem to be a bad loss in the eyes of the voters. The media has Indiana back in the Top 25 and the coaches moved them up one spot.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the win against Iowa was more impressive than the loss to Michigan State was ugly. The AP voters have put the Hoosiers back into the Top 25 at No. 22, and the coaches moved them up one spot from last week to No. 22.

Iowa (AP No. 4, Coaches No. 6), Maryland (No. 6, No. 5), Michigan State (No. 8, No. 9), and Purdue (No. 17, No. 16) also find themselves in both polls. Additionally of note for Indiana, Notre Dame checks in at No. 19 and No. 18, respectively, making that win at Bankers Life Fieldhouse look that much better.

The full polls can be found here and here.