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Indiana-Purdue matchup slated for Saturday Primetime slot on ESPN, College Gameday next?

If Indiana's able to beat Iowa tomorrow evening, it seems Bloomington might be primed to host the college basketball roadshow in ten days.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

You can scratch that TBA off the calendar. It's official: Indiana and Purdue will get the premiere timeslot in college basketball for the February 20 matchup on ESPN.

Does this mean College Gameday has its eye on Bloomington next Saturday? Possibly. There might be more highly-ranked matchups available (see Oklahoma-West Virginia in Morgantown, also on ESPN at 4pm), but it's been rumored that an Indiana win over Iowa tomorrow night would give the rivalry matchup enough gravitas for Rece Davis & crew to set up shop in Assembly Hall in ten days. ESPN's choice to give the Hoosiers & Boilers the primetime slot often reserved for the Gameday matchup would seem to indicate that things are trending in that general direction.