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Indiana Hoosiers vs. Southeast Missouri State Redhawks: preview, TV times, odds, stats and more

Another directional punching bag gives Tom Crean another opportunity to get experience for his youthful bench and to breathe easy despite missing O.G. Anunoby.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Game Info / How to Watch:

Who? #13 Indiana Hoosiers (6-1, #15 KenPom) vs. Southeast Missouri State Redhawks (4-3, #284 KenPom)

When? Sunday, December 4th, 4 PM, ESPN2 and WatchESPN

Where? Assembly Hall, Bloomington, Indiana

Vegas? Lol no

Pomeroy? IU by 25, 99% chance of Indiana victory


The Hoosiers welcome another cupcake into the newly renovated Assembly Hall on Sunday as they continue onward toward Butler and Louisville. This time, though, the game is on TV! In fact, ESPN picked this one up for some reason so you can catch it on the deuce, which is what SE Missouri State is certain to drop when they come to Bloomington.


eFG% TO% 3P% FT%
INDIANA (#11 Adj. Offense) 56.8 (16th) 22.7 (317th) 38.6 (56th) 72.1 (109th)
SE Missouri State (#247 Adj. Defense) 57.6 (332nd) 21.5 (67th) 41.9 (325th) Doesn't matter

eFG% TO% 3P% FT%
INDIANA (#35 Adj. Defense) 42.9 (19th) 15.1 (331st) 27.4 (15th) Who cares
SE Missouri State (#299 Adj. Offense) 50.9 (148th) 17.4 (74th) 38.8 (52nd) 70.9 (216th)

Here's something that will sound familiar: Indiana's next opponent isn't good! SE Missouri State comes in with a 4-3 record, with wins over blue bloods Hannibal LaGrange, Western Illinois, UT Rio Grande Valley, and Central Arkansas. The Redhawks' best effort of the season was probably their season-opening 81-62 loss to Illinois in Champaign.

They don't do much well, and they do several things very poorly. Offensively, they chuck it from the cheap seats just as well as the Hoosiers, but can't seem to do it from anywhere else on the floor, including the free throw line. Defensively, it's an all-or-nothing thing as they force a decent number of turnovers but can't seem to get many stops otherwise. Essentially, if Indiana takes care of the ball, there's no reason they won't cover the KenPom predicted line of 25 points.

What else do you want me to say? Indiana should demolish this team, and if we have to talk about this at all on Sunday night or Monday morning, it means someone got injured or the Hoosiers Purdued in their pants.


  • THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEES: As noted above, SE Missouri State shoots it from 3 at the same clip as the Hoosiers. We all know that the way an underdog hangs around and wins is by burying a bunch of 3s. If Indiana maintains its first-class 3-point defense, they should cakewalk to victory.
  • Youthful Exuberance: It's something that we probably haven't talked enough about yet, but these 2016-17 Indiana Hoosiers are young. Very young. With an average NCAA experience of 1.22 years, the Hoosiers are the 312th most experienced team in the country. This should make a little more sense of the IPFW loss and should give fans a lot of hope based on the other six performances we've seen. There will be more growing pains, to be sure, but Sunday doesn't have to be one of those. Sunday, look for the young guns to have more outstanding performances like De'Ron Davis's against SIU-Edwardsville.
  • I don't know, Tom Crean vs. Meme Generators?: Look, there's nothing to really watch for. Those first two were stretches. Watch the game, enjoy it. But really, the only thing we'll learn on Sunday is whether or not there will be a new Tom Crean meme that will last for the ages. C'mon, ESPN2 cameramen, give us something good.


Southeast Missouri is a mix of Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Think about that. I'm not sure how many teeth or what kind of accents to anticipate, but I know there will be a thorough beatdown. Indiana by 29.