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Devonte Green hit a shot from halfcourt last night

One thing of note did happen in last night’s game.

NCAA Basketball: SIU - Edwardsville at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana won another basketball game against another sub-300 KenPom opponent last night. You probably didn’t watch it because the game was only on BTN Plus against Austin Peay, a school that exists solely for 12 year-olds to make toilet jokes about its name.

Something cool did happen in last night’s game though! Here’s Indiana freshman Devonte Green, little brother of Spurs guard Danny, making a halfcourt bank shot to beat the buzzer in the first half.

This shot chart shows how far Green’s shot was from the basket.

If this had happened against Iowa, Fran McCaffrey would have refused to let his team play the second half.

Indiana kicks off conference play in Assembly Hall on Wednesday against Nebraska. The game starts at 6:30, followed by the Foster Farms Bowl against Utah at 8:30 that same night.