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Crimson Quarry’s best of 2016

Our year in review. The kick was good.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Kentucky vs Indiana Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Every blog seems to have a self-indulgent Year in Review and this one is no exception. Let’s go through our favorite pieces that we wrote in 2016, a year filled with wins over IU’s three biggest rivals: Kentucky, Purdue, and Rutger.

Troy Williams' performance on Saturday was a massive middle-finger to his haters

Hey, did you know Troy Williams does both good things and bad things on the court? It’s true! After his great performance in the Purdue game, however, we saluted him. Although he went undrafted after declaring early for the NBA, Williams is now logging solid minutes for the Grizzlies.


We tried to hire Rutger a new coach. The Scarlet Knights, however, didn’t listen.

#FireTomCrean twitter accounts, ranked

We spent way more time scouring twitter for the festering abscessed portion of Indiana fandom than any person should ever admit to, and all we have to show for it is this damn listicle.

The Big Ten Tournament, previewed by 14 bad Donald Trump tweets

Back before he was, you know, about to become leader of the free world, Donald Trump was just a Twitter troll with strong opinions about Big Ten hoops.

Would Tom Crean kick your ass?

We ask the very important questions here, including if Tom Crean, at age 50, would be able to beat up any of us in a hypothetical fight. Our conclusion? An emphatic yes.

Indiana is the national title favorite in "every goddang sport"

Although we have a writer who actually lives in Vegas, one of our other writers was there on vacation back in the spring and offered up several piña colada-infused predictions for Indiana sports.

Why Rutgers and Purdue make the most sense as Big 12 expansion candidates

The Big 12 got really serious about expansion this year, until it didn’t after its conference champion lost in football to a team that finished tied for 3rd in its division in the AAC. Because we’re charitable people, we offered two schools up as potential Big 12 candidates. The conference still isn’t returning our calls.

A Thursday Night in Raleigh

Led by Antwaan Randle El, Indiana had all the hype going into the 2001 season. The season opener was a chance for the Hoosiers to make a statement against Philip Rivers and N.C. State. Spoiler alert: Indiana got run.

Did Jim Harbaugh eat a booger? A Crimson Quarry investigation

Investigative journalism at its finest, as we went all Zapruder on a vine of Jim Harbaugh picking his nose and then maybe eating it. This is only the 36th weirdest thing Jim Harbaugh has done in 2016.

The definitive ranking of Tom Creans

There are many Tom Creans out there. But which Tom Crean is the most Tom Crean of all the Tom Creans?

It is long past time Indiana basketball gets over Bob Knight

Indiana honored the 1981 title team at the UNC game earlier this season, and of course the media had to overshadow the game with talk of whether Bob Knight, who hasn’t set foot in Assembly Hall in 16 years, would attend. He did not attend, much like he did not attend when honoring the 1976 team back in January. This talk will inevitably resurface again when IU honors the 30th anniversary of the 1987 team next year, and Bob Knight will inevitably not show up again.