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Houston Baptist at Indiana: Live stream, gamethread, & more

It's December 10, John Calipari is a Big Baby Boy, so let's play this game instead.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

This date was once reserved for another occasion.

I've written about it before.

Kentucky fans have gone to the "we don’t care about Indiana" refrain, and forever, it made my blood boil. Look! Look at this video of this crazy fat fan making videos in his car! You do care! See! Or maybe they don’t. Kentucky basketball has been wildly successful year in and out now for since the 90s. Indiana, like it or not, hasn’t been consistently there. At the same time, Louisville has emerged from a commuter school into, probably, the most dominant of all three school across all sports. Our sports world’s gotten bigger, too. Big TV money allows for more national games with national programs, making the regional non-conference rivalry less necessary. Kentucky can grab yearly games with Kansas, or UCLA, or Michigan State. Maybe, in Kentucky, they don’t care about playing Indiana anymore. Maybe they do. I don’t know. The reality is it probably does matter more to me. I’m totally cool with that.

The joy of sports comes from being able to walk over to your neighbors house, bang on his door, yell "HEY BUDDY EFF YOU", and proceed to light bottle rockets in his front lawn after kicking the dogshit out of his team. For years throughout my childhood, this was what I dealt with more often than not. 2012 might have made up for all of that, sure, fine. Until my Kentucky fan friends were able to retort by holding up another national title trophy. It sucked, sure. But god-dangit, the screaming, the debating-over-beersing, the I-AM-BETTER-THAN-YOU-BECAUSE-SPORTSing – that’s fun. And more than anything, that’s Indiana-Kentucky to a person in southern Indiana.

Sports are fun. That’s the whole thing, the whole dang point. Regardless of the posturing by coaches or the it-matters-more-to-you debate, Indiana-Kentucky basketball is fun as hell. And it’s damn time these two groups of adults figure out a place and a way to play the thing once again.


Here's this bullshit instead