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RECAP: Indiana Athletic Director Fred Glass holds joint press conference with Tom Allen regarding resignation of Kevin Wilson

The leader of the Hoosier Athletic Department met with assembled media along with new head coach Tom Allen to discuss the resignation of Kevin Wilson.

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass and new head coach Tom Allen led a press conference on Thursday evening in which Allen, the defensive coordinator, was announced as the new, permanent head coach of the program.

Glass began the press conference by explaining that he and former head coach Kevin Wilson had a continuation, and culmination, of a discussion over a handful of weeks that led to the resignation of Wilson.

After receiving, and accepting Wilson’s resignation, Glass turned his search for a new head coach to Allen, who accepted the position Thursday afternoon.

Allen took a moment to thank many who had helped him get to the spot he has at, from his parents to his family to his former players at South Florida, coaches at Wabash who hired him out of college and Kevin Wilson, who hired him from South Florida.

Allen’s primary focus, as stated, was the Hoosiers’ upcoming bowl game.

Allen also offered a pitch to the recruits watching and listening while also establishing his principles for his team and program moving forward.

Allen’s deal will be a six-year deal, though terms aren’t finalized.

After Allen finished, both took questions, starting with what led to Wilson’s departure.

Glass was asked about the philosophical differences and whether they existed when Wilson was given an extension in January of this year.

Glass was asked about the reports that the program had interviewed past players about injury history.

Glass was asked for specifics on why Wilson was fired and more clarity on the philosophical differences, as well as how much IU owes Wilson going forward.

Again, Glass was pushed to describe the philosophical differences that led to the firing as well as more about the review of the program that was done.

Asked to give more details on the review, Glass said an outside firm did the review and the conclusion that there were no issues was concluded.

When asked about the timing and timeline of Wilson’s firing, Glass answered that the discussion with Wilson had been ongoing on the season and culminated on Thursday.

Glass again spoke highly of Allen and his new role.