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Reports: Kevin Wilson forced players to play injured, rushed players back from injury

Indiana’s Kevin Wilson reportedly forced players back from injury, leading to his reported firing on Thursday.

Indiana v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

With the shocking news coming out Thursday afternoon of Kevin Wilson’s firing, the reports of what led to the firing began to surface as well.

What we know is that the decision was not X-and-O based. With our own Kyle Robbins reporting that the inquiry may have followed comments made by Zander Diamont after his announced retirement about brain trauma, the athletic department began interviewing past players.

The extent of Wilson’s actions are not yet entirely known, but various stories have also come out in the short time since the original report of his firing.

Schlabach went out to detail the story in his piece on ESPN.

"He was out about a week and they started a normal concussion regiment, in which he was allowed to work out for about 20 minutes and gradually increase it," the former player's father said. "But after he worked out for 20 minutes, they had him run about 6 miles. After that, my son was feeling fine. But when he went home, he started throwing up and his symptoms went haywire."

IDS managing editor Brody Miller also mirrored many of Schlabach’s reports with some of his own reporting.

Former Oklahoma Sooner offensive lineman Gabe Ikard, who played for the Sooners when Wilson was an offensive coordinator there, also shared a past story.

We will have more on the allegations surrounding Wilson as it is released.