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Billy Preston sets date for commitment

Another five-star 2017 SF could launch a quick turnaround in Indiana's recruiting morale next week.

After Kris Wilkes committed to UCLA earlier today, the once-dreamt-about dream class of local Indiana talent in 2017 resulted in an 0-fer. However, Tom Crean and his staff have still built a nice core for their class in Justin Smith, Al Durham, and Clifton Moore. However, I'd be lying if I didn't say that this core would look a lot better with a headliner.

Enter Billy Preston.

The late surge in Indiana interest from Preston has been documented here before. Now, just hours after a rival 5-star SF left a gaping hole in Indiana's 2017 plans, Billy Preston tweeted this out to his followers:

Preston, the main recruiting attraction at last month's Hoosier Hysteria, has already confirmed that he has trimmed his list to 4 schools: Indiana, Kansas, Syracuse, and USC. While USC is still the favorite due to its proximity to his family in southern California, here's to hoping that the Hoosiers get to play a bit of role-reversal as the beneficiary of an Indiana-California recruiting battle in which a 5-star SF leaves home to go play for a college blue blood.