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THE PODCAST WAS GOOD: Let’s talk about Indiana-Ohio State, conference realignment, and BYU!

Matt Brown joins the show to chat about the contrasts between football in Bloomington and Columbus and more.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Indiana Matt Kryger-USA TODAY

The photo above is an illustration of what pass interference looks like.

Wait, sorry, what?

Matt Brown of SBNation’s college football coverage and editor of Ohio State blog Land Grant Holy Land joins the show to talk things like:

  • How to quantify success for Indiana in an Ohio State game
  • The Big Ten’s unbalanced divisions
  • Conference re-alignment
  • BYU, because why not!
  • Tom Raper’s RVs

What we don’t discuss:

  • Really much about the Indiana-Ohio State game because I forgot to press record for about 10 minutes and it probably won’t be all that close anyway.