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Pat Narduzzi to Purdue? The internet sure seems to think so.


NCAA Football: Marshall at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, the always reliable Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports reported that Purdue University, which has developed a reputation of fiscal responsibility under president Mitch Daniels, was willing to open up its war chest of Rutger cable box money to search for its next football coach.

As a result, some people are thinking that the Boilers are moving the usual goalposts for their next football hire. And tonight, Twitter was all abuzz that Pat Narduzzi, who is a former Michigan State defensive coordinator in his second year at Pitt, might be interested in the gig. The hashtag #Purduzzi stormed the web and these rumors spread quickly.

How reliable are these #Purduzzi talks? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Things started innocuously enough last night.

Quickly a hashtag was born.

And the Feldman tweet put the wheels in motion.

Friend of the site Bill DiFillipo from Penn State blog Roar Lions Roar alerted us to the rumor.

Purdue arranged for its finest vehicle to come pick up Narduzzi from Pitt.

As is customary in these situations, fans were checking Flightaware for any signs of Narduzzi’s arrival in West Lafayette.

As the rumors grew, several anonymous sources and insiders kept validating them, while others weren’t so sure.

The reaction around West Lafayette and the Purdue community was swift.

Purdue Pete approved of the news.

Students and fans rushed the campus in support.

Even Purdue’s most famous alum (posthumously) weighed in.

Some Pitt folks, however, were unwilling to believe the growing speculation.

If Narduzzi did go to Purdue, would he be a successful recruiter? Some insiders aren’t so sure.

As for Narduzzi himself, he seems to be playing things close to the vest.

But could he be giving hints about his next move?

As always, keep it locked here for the growing speculation that Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi could be heading to Purdue. If Narduzzi really were to leave, it would be a bitter pill to swallow for the Panthers, who previously lost Todd Graham to Arizona State after just one season, and Paul Chryst to Wisconsin after only three years.

But if all else fails for Pitt, I hear this guy is available: