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Indiana has 7 of the top 18 football recruits in the state. Purdue is probably trying very hard.

With seven commits in the top 25, the Hoosiers are dominating Purdue and others in recruiting Indiana kids.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoosiers are dominating the state of Indiana in football recruiting.

Thursday night, the Hoosiers picked up their seventh top-18 recruit in the state of Indiana and their 15th recruit overall.

It’s not only the most top-20 recruits by one school, but the Hoosiers are the only school with at least five commits from the top 41 recruits, all of this according to 247sports.

With Notre Dame’s recruiting focus on a national landscape, the Hoosiers are the primary powerhouse in the state and have exerted their force in 2017. Meanwhile, Purdue has been left in the pack.

The Boilermakers have just one commitment from a top-40 recruit in the state, less than Ball State, Bowling Green, Miami (Ohio) and Western Michigan.

The Class of 2017 isn’t the first signs of the Hoosiers taking a stronghold on in-state recruiting with Purdue falling more into obscurity. Indiana landed a pair of top-10 recruits in-state last season while Purdue landed just two recruits in the hole class (No. 17, No. 24).

In 2015, Indiana landed four top-25 recruits while the Boilermakers had two. In total, the Hoosiers have 13 top-25 recruits since 2005. The Boilermakers have just four.

The Hoosiers could continue adding to that margin with the likes of RJ Potts and Russ Yeast both uncommited and holding offers from the Hoosiers (Potts being far more likely to come to Bloomington than Yeast).

There isn’t much room for optimism for the Boilermakers as they’re considered “warm” on just two recruits currently in the 2017 class, both a pair of unranked players. Indiana, meanwhile, has a host of players they’ll either warm or considered favorites on.

Plain and simple, Indiana is kicking Purdue’s ass in recruiting Indiana kids.

It’s a matter of the chicken and the egg when it comes to whether recruiting success led to poor on-field results, but it’s obvious that Purdue seems to be losing in all facets of college football while the Hoosiers are on the upswing (to say the least) both on the recruiting trail and on the football field.

What is certain is that the Hoosiers are set for the now and for the future, neither of which you can say of Purdue.