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Sorry, Hoosier fans: Kevin Wilson doesn't have time for a beer right now

Instead, he and his staff are "on a mission" with less than a week before Signing Day.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier, Twitter dot com user Brendan asked an important question to Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson:

This was a clever tweet, as our friend Brendan even included his hashtagged area code, as Wilson has been doing in all of his recruitment tweets leading up to National Signing Day next week. So, let's give Brendan dap for a solid effort to reach out over social media to Coach Wilson without being overbearing or annoying.

Exactly three minutes later, Wilson responded to the guy with the handle @TodayAintYoDay, to let him know that unfortunately, today was not his day:

Here at CQ we've long been fans of Coach Wilson's twitter feed. The sheer amount of information that the guy can pack into 140-character missives is impressive, and this tweet is no exception. His tweets are efficient, fast-paced, and full of points - much like IU's offense on the gridiron.

A few things to take away from this exchange:

1. If Kevin Wilson is this excited about an upcoming recruiting class, we should be too.

If his tweets are any indication, Wilson is using the same template as an early 2000s hip-hop hit to hint to fans where new recruits are coming from. Obviously 317 and 765 are local area codes we see a lot in his tweets, but one that's been popping up recently too is 727. That code is from the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, and it's probably no coincidence that this is the home of USF, where new DC Tom Allen held the same position last year.

2. Signing Day could be a bonanza for the Hoosiers.

Right now, IU has 14 class of 2016 commits and two Juco transfers. We've told you recently about how former Nebraska DB commit Brandon Drayton has now flipped to Indiana, and two other recent commits in OL Mackenzie Nworah and TE/DE Dennis Wonnum. But obviously, Wilson and his staff are still doing work. Right now, IU ranks 11th out of 14 in the Big Ten in recruiting. However, last year they ranked 9th and secured 23 overall commits. So look for more recruits to come to Bloomington both within the next week, and going forward throughout the spring.

3. He never did fully rule out getting a beer with the dude though, did he?

Now may not be the best time for him, but the coach didn't exactly say no, just a quick "thanks but no thanks." Wilson may be getting 2.5 million per year to coach now, but if he can win a fourth straight Bucket game and keep IU football on an upward trajectory, then he won't have to buy another beer ever again in the #812.