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BRACKETOLOGY UPDATE: Hoosiers project to be a 7-seed

March Madness will be here sooner than you think! So where will the Hoosiers be seeded in the NCAA Tournament?

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Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We're less than two months away from the start of the NCAA Tournament, folks. But Bracketology season is already in full swing.

If you're a big fan of these bracket projections like I am, the site Bracket Matrix is an essential bookmark this time of year. The site is a composite of every bracket projection released withing the past week. That's 57 total brackets! And as of now, every bracket on the site projects IU to be dancing come March. The Hoosiers' average seeding is 7.44 on Bracket Matrix, which rounds down to a 7-seed once every team is considered. If you consider that Indiana is ranked 25th right now in the AP poll, along with the relatively weak strength of schedule thus far, then a 7-seed seems appropriate.

Here's how some of the most well-known Bracketologists rate the Hoosiers, along with their projected first round matchup for Indiana:

Joe Lunardi, ESPN: 7-seed vs. Monmouth

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports: 8-seed vs. St. Mary's

Chris Dobbertean, SB Nation: 7-seed vs. UConn

Shelby Mast, USA Today: 8-seed vs. Florida

The biggest outlers for IU right now are DRatings, who says we're a 3-seed, and White and Blue Review, which has us as an 11-seed in the play-in game, and interestingly enough is a Creighton blog.

Finally, here's a rundown of where other teams in the B1G stand at the moment, according to Bracket Matrix:

2-seeds: Maryland, Iowa

3-seed: Michigan State

5-seed: Purdue

8-seed: Michigan

As of press time, Rutger is not projected to be a tournament team.