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Lots of Indiana folks are mad online about Emmitt Holt's apology

Because some people won't let a 19 year-old kid move on with his life.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

ED NOTE: This piece was written and intended to run over the Labor Day weekend. It did not, because it was Labor Day Weekend and this is a bad sports blog.

So Emmitt Holt distributed an apology note via email over the weekend, regarding his actions that ultimately got him kicked off the team last week. Holt also announced that he will be transferring to Indian Hills Community College in Iowa.

Here's the full text of the apology:

Now, I don't think anyone was demanding this apology, and Holt seems to have posted it on his own will. So, I'd say he did more than he even needed to do in this situation.

Did this apology satisfy everyone in the IU fanbase though? Hahaha of course it didn't.

Let's see a sample of what IU fans on social media had to say about Holt and his apology:

He's insincere!

He doesn't get it!

Grrrrrr kids these days!

In short, there are several Hoosier fans who won't accept any apology from Holt unless he personally shows up on their doorstep and apologizes individually to each of them. What's done has been done, and whether or not the punishment fit the crime, we should let Holt start anew elsewhere, and wish him luck on his future endeavors.

This has been yet another edition of #IUTwitter Theater. Enjoy the recovery from your holiday weekend.