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Things that would have been better for the Big Ten than Rutgers, ranked

More stupid things are happening at Rutgers today. They are bad and should leave.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Dysfunctional athletics cesspool Rutgers University is the scene of more stupid things today. Shocking news, we know. Kyle Flood has been under University investigation for trying to circumvent the department's athletics-academics interaction policy by contacting a professor on behalf of a player. Our friend Matt Brown at LandGrant Holy-Land did an awesome breakdown of the entire thing which you can read right here if you want to dive deeper into the investigation. But, of course, Rutgers is handling this whole thing in the most Rutgers way possible.

Rutgers is an uncontainable trash fire of an athletic program that sucks, and they should go away.

Here are a list of things that would have been better for the Big Ten than Rutgers, ranked.

1. UConn

2. Louisville

3. Kansas

4. Kansas State

5. Notre Dame

6. North Dakota State

7. just Bob Stitt, nothing else

8. another Dinosaur BBQ location

9. farting, loudly

10. Trill Ballins

11. North Carolina

12. Georgia Tech

13. a rowdy night in Bloomington with Hanner Perea

14. writing this for this web blog

15. Wabash College

16. you

17. asking "What's BOFA?"

18. reading some Darren Rovell tweets

19. dissolving the conference

20. Texas