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We're in the final push for the #iufb4gameday campaign. Here's what we need from you.


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You guys are amazing.

We can't say how overwhelmed the effort to get this very crazy thing done has been -- but we'll save that discussion for when it does or does not happen. Right now, we're very close and there is a very real chance College Gameday will come to Bloomington next Saturday. Sure, we're a loss or two away, maybe.

Or maybe not. Not if y'all are so damn loud that Lee Fitting & Co. just can't go anywhere else.

Games are tomorrow. The decision will be made early Sunday. This is the last day to make raucous noise about the #iufb4gameday movement with no competition. Here's what we need y'all to do today.


What's a viral social campaign without the option to change your profile picture or twitter avatar to something that supports that movement? Here, we made you one in five seconds:

It's offset AND minimalist. This campaign is SO HIPSTER.

Step #2: Clog the dang telephone lines of every national ESPN Radio show

There's a ton of world out there besides Twitter, y'all -- and we gotta get to it. So let's call PAWWWWWWWWWWWWWL himself and make him talk about how good of an idea this is.

The telephone number is 1-888-SAY-ESPN. That's 1-888-729-3776. Letters in telephone numbers are dumb. Here are the shows you're targeting.

12-1 PM: LEBATARD AND STUGOTZ. LeBatard loves fun and stupid things like this! He gave his Baseball HOF vote to Deadspin! Stugotz won't like it because Stugotz or something.

1PM-4PM: RUSSILO AND KANELL. Yeah, call them too. Make Kanell admit defeat to the #B1G.

3PM-7PM: PAWWWWWWWWWWL: This is it though, y'all. Everyone. We need every single one of you here. Call him. Make him talk about it. Make him endorse it. Do not rest until every single line is consumed by the #IUFB4Gameday movement.

9PM-11PM: BOMANI. This movement needs Bo, too. Call Bo slightly buzzed on the way to the bar. Bo is cool and fun and probably doesn't like Clemson -- h e'll like this idea.

Get on your local radio grind, too. Dakich has been on it in Indy, but hit up Query & Schultz over at 1260. (317-239-1260). If you're not from Indy, do it up in Chicago or wherever. Waddle & Silvy. The Score. Whatever. Call them. Now.


You know what makes our voice louder? YOUR VOICE. Up at the top of this page, you, yes YOU, can go write a FANPOST on why you want College Gameday to come to Bloomington. They'll all get posted -- and we'll tweet out some of the best to our followers.

Step #4: Facebook! Instagram! Snapchat! Call your grandmother

Some people (smartly) do not tweet! Make sure you're hitting that #iufb4gameday hashtag on every dang social media site on that spankin' new 6s.

Step #5: We need you crawlin' in Lee Fitting & Herbie's mentions like, once an hour

Have you tweeted about #iufb4gameday yet? Good. Now do it again. And again. And again. And again.

Let's make magic, y'all.

UPDATE: Finebaum had Lee Fitting join the show and brought up the #iufb4gameday movement. Fitting echoed the thoughts from his appearance yesterday on Dan Dakich's radio show, only with more doom and gloom for Hoosier fans.

Fitting did say that the "Hoosier faithful have been relentless on Twitter" (which we thank you for), but reiterated that the only way Bloomington hosts Gameday is if both Georgia and Notre Dame lose this week to their respective heavy underdog opponents. While the comment seemed more "tongue-in-cheek" on Dakich's radio show, this time it was far more straight forward.

He did say that if IU-Ohio State were to take place on October 10th, there's a good chance they would visit as the schedule that week is rather barren.

Fitting would go on to talk about the expected demand and excitement from Clemson fans, pretty much sealing the deal on the case.