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Here's how Indiana can make the College Football Playoff after Week 3

Traditional thinking is garbage.

Traditional thinking tells us that the best way to assure yourself a chance at playing for a national title is to go undefeated. It's that simple. That's what everyone believes. Here's the thing about traditional thinking though: it's pretty much always garbage. For instance, Purdue is traditionally considered the biggest game on the Hoosiers' schedule, but they've had twice as many quarterbacks as FBS wins the past three years so clearly that's no longer the case.


Indiana 38 - Western Kentucky 35


CFP Poll Ranking: N/A

Quality wins: Southern Illinois, Florida International, Western Kentucky

Bad Losses: STILL NONE



Here are the facts you need to know: since the creation of the College Football Playoff, 75% of the teams who have been chosen had at least one loss on their resume. Beyond that, a full 100% of the teams to win it all have had at least one loss on their resume. What does that mean? It means IU should really consider throwing a game at some point and that there is no reason to overreact if it happens.

When you've got a royal flush, like clearly this team is, you don't flop your dick on the table before any bets have been placed (I would hope you don't do that at any point now that I'm thinking about it, but it's important to paint a vivid picture in order to draw your reader in). You slow play it. Make 'em think you're vulnerable.

Clearly the College Football Playoff Committee likes a team with a blemish on their record. They like bad boys. Somebody who will put on a nice smile around their father, then peel out of the driveway bumping 2 Chainz.

Even last year they gave Florida State a chance despite their perfect season, and they got humiliated for it. Doubt they'll make that mistake again. Kentucky basketball even went into the tournament undefeated last year and you saw how that worked out.

Teams with losses have grit and heart and whatever other word you would use to describe a white basketball player, and that's why teams with losses get it done in crunch time. IU needs to throw a game.