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Kevin Wilson is downplaying the College Gameday idea to his Indiana team

The College Gameday to Bloomington hype train is at full speed, but Coach Kevin Wilson is pumping the brakes on the idea to his team.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night at the weekly "Inside IU Football with Kevin Wilson" radio show, Coach Wilson addressed the College Gameday talk that has taken over the IU football fanbase.

But, per Mike Miller of The H-T, it wasn't his favorite idea:

"First of all, if you’re gonna be on GameDay, you need to fill up your stadium, which we haven’t played good enough to do," Wilson said. "Typically, they don’t put your game on at 3:30 a week ahead of time and do GameDay because those are (usually 8 p.m. games). So that’s all just a bunch of wasted conversation. It’s nice someone thinks that, but we’ve got three wins and they’re all come-from-behind in games that we were favored. I don’t think we’ve done anything extraordinary."

Rest easy, though, Hoosier fans. The reality is, this should be exactly what you'd expect Coach Wilson to say in this situation. At the end of the day, his team still has a game on Saturday that they have to win for any of the College Gameday hoopla to even be possible.

What matters is that fans keep tweeting #iufb4gameday and keep up the support.