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If College Gameday is coming to Indiana, where would they set up?

If we're doing this, we're going all in. Since we're already pining for College Gameday, let's look at where they should host the show on campus.

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After yesterday's piece on bringing College Gameday to Bloomington for the Ohio State game was met with widespread encouragement (even if that means we're going to lose to Wake handily now), we're going next level.

Where is College Gameday going to host their show?

There are some obvious selections, but with the options endless and there being no precedent, LET'S PARTY..

5. Big Red Liquors?

Let's face it, it's one of the most oft-traveled places in Bloomington. Think of the convenience for those in attendance. They already need to get alcohol, so just have it in a parking lot of Big Red! Kids can get their beer, Gameday can see the finest Bloomington has to offer, Mark Cuban can buy out all the alcohol in the store for those in attendance,


not really sure why tbqh but let's roll with it

3. Dunn Meadow

Alright alright, there are serious considerations on this list, too. This is the start. There are many beautiful places on IU's campus, and Dunn Meadow could be one of the more easily accessible. Put the set on the grass with the Student Union in the background, plenty of room for the fans behind and around the set. The downside? It's downhill and a few blocks from the stadium, and god knows no one wants to walk uphill drunk.

2. Sample Gates

This is probably the most cliche answer, but it's still a great answer. There isn't a more scenic view across the campus. Again, you have plenty of room for the fans behind the set leading up to the walkway, there's room for Cuban's limo to pull up and have him jump out to join the set, and fans can spend the commercials at the Breakfast Club at Kilroys.

1. Outside of the Memorial Stadium South Endzone

The most logical, and likely the destination they would go with. Tons of room, obviously, in the parking lot. Fans can crowd around, plenty of room for the multiple trucks carrying the set, perfect views of Memorial Stadium, Assembly Hall and Cook Hall. Even better, fans can go directly from the parking lot to the tailgating fields. Convenience!