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The #IUFB4Gameday movement has taken on a life of its own. Get caught up.

The internet is a stupid and crazy place where stupid and crazy ideas sometimes actually happen. This might be one of those things, thanks to your tweets.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday morning as all woke up in a world where Indiana Football was 3-0, former Indiana Basketball coach and current ESPN Radio host Dan Dakich tweeted about the terribleness that is College GameDay's predictability.

And directed the first tweet at GameDay producer Lee Fitting.

Last night, we published an article reminding everyone that nobody wants to see GameDay preview Clemson pulling a Clemson. We also noted that Alabama and Georgia stink and the Big Ten runs this mother. But more importantly, we created the hashtag #iufb4gameday, which, as you'll see below, has exploded.

And a couple of you reminded us that Clemson may get to host on other weekends.

Some of you have been predictable, having no faith like most IU football fans.

A butthurt SEC fan chimed in.

And the Purdouches couldn't help themselves.

You guys should listen to Dakich on this. Don't naysay everything.

The Ohio State SBNation site,, reminded everyone that it's a chance to finally see the 2014 SEC Championship game played. SEC West Champs Ohio State vs. SEC East Champs Indiana.

Some guy created flyers to put around campus.

Then one of the two or three alums that the school touts the most got in on the action.

And College GameDay producer Lee Fitting started getting our hopes up (and perhaps not to inevitably yank the football out from under us Charlie Brown style).

Then we decided to help Lee produce the show.

Who knows where this crazy thing goes from here. But if you want GameDay in Bloomington, keep sliding into Lee Fitting's mentions with the hashtag #iufb4gameday.

UPDATE: 5:00 p.m.

GameDay recognizes.

Then, the whole world was on our side.

Except Clemson fans who were mad on line.

We don't think Clemson sucks. We just know that Clemson is gonna Clemson.

Actually, maybe Clemson wasn't that mad on line because this guy had to try to stir the pot.

And random Michigan fans who apparently are just mad because the thought of having to play these Hoosiers at the Rock later this season is responsible for the wet spot on the front of Harbaugh's khakis.

Peeved UM Fan

Somebody made a hype video to combat that negativity though. (NSFW)

And then the football program reminded us that there's still some football to play between now and then.

And for that reason, Kevin Wilson should probably keep his team off Twitter for a few days.

We will update you further when the Pope speaks on this critical matter during his visit to the East Coast.

UPDATE: 5:48 p.m.

Keep doing what you're doing, folks.