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Indiana makes cut as 5-star 2017 PG Trevon Duval trims list to *36*

The Hoosiers may be on the verge of landing a major talent in the class of 2017!

When it rains it pours apparently, because the recent recruiting boom for Indiana shows no signs of stopping. The #3 overall player and top-ranked PG in the class of 2017, Trevon Duval, recently retweeted a pic showing the schools he's considering, with Indiana firmly in the mix.

The only schools that could possibly derail the Hoosiers from landing their next great PG are Arizona, DePaul, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, Villanova, Duke, Texas Tech, Kansas, UNLV, St. John's, Penn State, Louisville, Cal, Miami (FL), Syracuse, NC State, Oregon, Alabama, Pitt, North Carolina, Mizzou, South Carolina, UCLA, Rutgers, UConn, SMU, Seton Hall, UK, Virginia, LSU, Stanford, Georgetown, Maryland, Wake Forest, and Notre Dame.

In an order that is not alphabetical, you would have to assume that Indiana is sitting pretty with its placement in the top-left corner of the picture. As a former psychology minor that got mostly B's throughout undergrad, let me explain. The "Primacy Effect" states that items at the beginning of a list are more easily recalled than items listed afterward. By simple deduction, Trevon Duval must have Indiana at the top left of his list because they have recently been on his mind, leading me to believe that his interest in Indiana is sincere.

We will keep you posted as this situation develops, but sometimes recruiting just isn't as confusing as it's made out to be.