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Here's how Indiana can make the College Football Playoff after Week 2

IU has more wins than Oregon, Wisconsin and LSU.

It would be very easy to reiterate the same ideas as last week, pointing out that the Hoosiers remain undefeated and well on their way to a College Football Playoff berth. It would be very easy to point out that Indiana remains tied for first in the country in a little stat category called "wins." All of that would be easy and all of that would be 100% true, but let's dig a little deeper.


Indiana 36 - Florida International 22


CFP Poll Ranking: N/A

Quality wins: Southern Illinois, Florida International

Bad Losses: none



Florida International might sound like a made up online school, but it isn't [source needed]. In fact, the Panthers were fresh off a big win over American Athletic Conference powerhouse University of Central Florida when they came to Bloomington. Bringing an undefeated record to Memorial Stadium is like bringing cash to Sports, you're going to lose it and you're going to be really disappointed in yourself. So of course, IU beat its second undefeated team of the season, yet continues to get no love in the polls.

That's what makes the new College Football Playoff system our friend.

Everyone knows the polls are biased and tend to shift very little from preseason rankings until their hand is forced. Unfortunately, that means IU continues to be ranked below teams they have twice as many wins as, such as Wisconsin, Oregon and LSU. Fortunately, we're still a long way off from the first Playoff rankings being issued, and we've seen that those don't always tend to go with the polls. As long as IU continues to outperform media darlings like the Ducks and the Tigers, there will be little argument for anyone on the beautiful, nice, kind, wonderful, lovely, [insert other blatantly pandering adjective in case anyone on the CFP committee ever reads this] College Football Playoff committee to offer against them.