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Police: Hanner Perea, Juwan Morgan were in car with Emmitt Holt & Thomas Bryant at time of incident

The IndyStar's Zach Osterman confirmed today a rumor that had been circulating around Bloomington this week.

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Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It had been rumored around Bloomington that Hanner Perea -- now playing basketball for East Tennessee State in Johnson City, Tennessee -- was in town and in the car with Emmitt Holt and Thomas Bryant during the having-an-unopened-bottle-of-vodka incident that led to Holt's dismissal from the program.

Via the IndyStar's Zach Osterman, we now have confirmation this afternoon.

Brandon Thomas, a public information officer with the excise police, told The Star that IU freshman forward Juwan Morgan and former Hoosiers player Hanner Mosquera-Perea were also in the vehicle when Emmitt Holt and Thomas Bryant were cited on Aug. 21 for under-age alcohol possession. Morgan and Mosquera-Perea were not cited. Thomas said it's practice for excise police to run checks on all occupants of a vehicle, whether they are cited or not.

So, yeah. That's something. Probably something that will lead to various individuals calling Hanner Perea a "bad influence" or a "bad kid" or "trouble just seems to follow him." These are all gross and unfortunate mischaracterizations of kid that has paid dearly for his misdeeds at Indiana, but probably the exact theme of any Facebook updates or comments to come on this development.

Please start soon, football season.