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Here's every opinion written on Emmitt Holt's dismissal from Indiana

Your quick weekly roundup of all the non-revenue sports news and notes, staff changes, and facilities updates breaks to bring you ALL THE TAKES.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana basketball writers did one thing last night -- pound out hand-wringing columns about Emmitt Holt's dismissal from Tom Crean's program. Has he lost the program? Why won't these kids listen anymore? This is all about discipline. Some of these takes are better than others, but we'll list every single one for you right here..

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled link roundup.

Men's Soccer

The #14 Hoosiers dropped a double overtime thriller to #4 Notre Dame in the finale of the Adidas/IU Credit Union Classic Sunday. They are now 1-1 on the season.

Women's Soccer

The IU women also played an overtime game Sunday at the Boilermaker Classic, triumphing 1-0 over Baylor in a single overtime and improving to 2-1-1 on their season.

Men's Basketball

IU Basketball officially welcomed Brett Burman to the staff as the new Director of Basketball Operations.


The first game week of the season opened up with a press conference from the IU coaching staff and a few players. Their statements and assorted Q and A sessions are transcripted here.

Also welcoming us to a new season is the first of many IU spirit posters from the Athletic Department: