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The teenage gossip guide to IU's 2016 recruiting targets

Do any of the top prospects in the class of 2016 like Indiana more than a friend?

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It's been a busy summer for Indiana coaches, as they were front and center at AAU events across the country. That's to be expected though, as Indiana will have many openings on the roster next year due to graduation and possible early NBA departures. So, with the 2016 recruiting class being considered as one of the greatest of all time, let's take a look at all of the Hoosier targets and see who will let us love them.


- Thon Maker (247Composite Ranking: #9 Overall)

Indiana loves Thon because Thon can do things on a basketball court that don't make sense on an anatomical level. But alot of other people like Thon, too, for the same reasons. Therefore, by the transitive property, Indiana should #PAYTHONMAKER.

Relationship status: Indiana constantly daydreams of a future where they are together, but while Thon is definitely interested, he is playing hard to get.

- De'Ron Davis (247Composite Ranking: #41 Overall)

Indiana got in early with Davis, offering him a scholarship as a freshman, and that long-term relationship is paying off now. The 6'10" power forward recently cut his list to three (Arizona, Texas, and Indiana). Arizona is a definite possibility as Davis is from Colorado, but you never forget your first love.

Relationship status: Been friends for a long time, and both sides still like each other a lot. Just kinda seeing where it goes.

- Rawle Alkins (247Composite Ranking: #17 Overall)

Dubbed as the best high school prospect from New York since Lance Stephenson, Rawle Alkins has quite the resume for a kid just entering his senior year of high school. With 3 state championships in 3 years and enough Vine highlights to make him the subject of a Business Insider article, Alkins has no shortage of suitors. Indiana has long been infatuated, but they are joined in that sentiment with nearly every high major in the country.

Relationsihp status: Indiana wants Alkins for itself, but the flashy kid from New York is passing notes around with nearly every girl in the classroom, so Indiana doesn't know if he's serious when he says he loves them.

- De'Riante Jenkins (247Composite Ranking: #66 Overall)

After shooting up the rankings in the class of 2016, De'Riante Jenkins is a relatively new name to the IU faithful. However, Tom Crean has made it known that Jenkins is a priority, with an eye on him being a replacement for Troy Williams once he leaves for the NBA. Jenkins posted his 10 finalists on Facebook, with Indiana not only making the list, but getting a red diamond emoji too, which I assume is his guess at what a Hoosier is. Honestly, who are we to say he's wrong?

Relationship status: The two are just getting to know each other right now, but they have a lot of similar interests and could totally see this going somewhere.

- Miles Bridges (247Composite Ranking: #16 Overall)

Bridges, a consensus 5-star recruit, recently cut his list to 5 schools, all of whom will receive an official visit. Indiana made the list and will receive a visit on August 28th along with fellow Huntington Prep teammate Curtis Jones. The Michigan product has blueblood coaches lusting after him, as Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky, and North Carolina all see his undeniable potential, so Indiana has its work cut out.

Relationship status: All of the popular kids are vying for Bridges' affection, so it's just nice to be invited to the house party and get to hang out in the same social circles as Johnny Calipari and Tommy Izzo.

- Curtis Jones (247Composite Ranking: #59 Overall)

The 4-star Jones, current teammate of Miles Bridges and former teammate of Thomas Bryant, took an unofficial visit over the summer, and enjoyed his visit so much that he planned a return trip for August 28th to take an official visit.

Relationship status: Indiana's friends are Jones' friends, and vice versa, which makes a relationship between the two alot easier to imagine.

- Bruce Brown (247Composite Ranking: #47 Overall)

Brown, a 4-star guard out of Vermont Academy (Emmitt Holt's alma mater), has been linked to Indiana for quite a while now. The defensive-minded Brown, who is being touted as a candidate to fill Yogi Ferrell's shoes next year, can also handle himself a bit on the offensive end (check out the Vine of him dunking on Thon Maker below). Tom Crean has personally watched Brown on multiple occasions, and the interest seems to be reciprocated.

Relationship status: Indiana will be getting out of a long term relationship with Yogi Ferrell, and Brown could totally see something developing between the two after Indiana has moved on physically and emotionally from Ferrell.

- Lamar Stevens (247Composite Ranking: #75 Overall)

The 6'6" Stevens is a bit short for a power forward, but the 4-star prospect knows how to throw around his weight, showing all summer what a force he can be. The IU staff kept close tabs on him throughout the offseason, and Stevens noticed, as he included the Hoosiers in his final 8.

Relationship status: Lamar knows a lot of people like him, but is really good at hiding his true feelings, so everyone still thinks they have a shot, but at the same time you don't know, you know?

- Mario Kegler (247Composite Ranking: #32 Overall)

Kegler's sudden interest in Indiana has been a development that has literally taken place over the past few weeks. Still, it is very much real and the top-30 recruit will be taking an official visit to Indiana this fall.

Relationship status: Kegler just recently became friends with Indiana after having moved here from out of state. Now that they're friends, both Mario and Indiana are looking to make up for lost time.

- Jaylen Fisher (247Composite Ranking: #58 Overall)

A new name on the IU recruiting front, Jaylen Fisher has come on strong this summer, and Indiana was quick to make their interest in the 4-star guard known. Fisher, who as our own Kyle Robbins pointed out, bears a striking resemblance to Landry from Friday Night Lights, would be an extremely welcomed piece to the 2016 recruiting class for not only basketball reasons, but blogging material as well.

Relationship status: Always a little different, Fisher has kept Indiana at a distance, but made sure to stress that that's just how he is, and it's not them, it's him.

- Eron Gordon (247Composite Ranking: #98 Overall)

Having been around the program for almost a decade now, both sides know exactly who and what the other is. Whether this is a good thing as far as his recruitment remains to be seen. Either way, the kid can play.

Relationship status: Gordon and Indiana are family friends and have known each other since they were in middle school, but neither side is being up front about whether they want to take the next step in the relationship.

- Schnider Herard (247Composite Ranking: #84 Overall)

Hailing from Texas, Herard was a force to be reckoned with all summer during AAU competition. After Indiana coaches took notice and offered a scholarship, Heard recently trimmed his list of schools to 10. This recruitment is far from over, but IU is in a solid position.

Relationship status: Indiana finds certain qualities (Plays center, Top 100 Recruit) of Herard to be exotic, so they are keeping his number in their phone just in case he decides to call in the next few months.