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2015 NCAA Basketball Championship Odds: Duke favored, Hoosiers come in at 25-to-1

Las Vegas released their title odds for the 2015-16 season with Duke and Kentucky as two of the top teams. The Hoosiers come in at 25/1 odds.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Not that we would condone betting on college sports, but CG Technology, a betting site out of Las Vegas, released their odds for the 2015-16 NCAA Championship.

Duke comes in tops at 5/1 odds while Kentucky has 7/1 odds. Both Maryland and UNC have 8/1 odds, while Michigan State comes in with better odds than the Hoosiers at 18/1.

IU's 25/1 odds seem fair as only eight teams come in ahead of them. They have the third best odds in the Big Ten, while they are tied with UConn and Gonzaga.

They also come in with better odds than Purdue, who are 40/1. Buttgers, however, could not be found.

You can see the full list here below.

Vegas Betting Odds