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Report: Alcohol found on Thomas Bryant, Emmitt Holt 'wasn't theirs'

WTHR's Bob Kravitz buried an interesting piece of info in today's column on the IU alcohol incident.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

More columns were to be expected after the latest alcohol-related incident with the Indiana basketball program. They aren't really needed or wanted for the most part -- this discussion is played out. You either think college basketball players drinking alcohol is not a big deal, or you think it is. These camps are irreconcilable. Some writers on this blog subscribe to thought pool A. Others to pool B. Fine, whatever, move on.

Buuuuuuut Bob Kravitz just tossed in an interesting little bit of info in his WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR CREAN column today that might be worth, well, something?  From the column:

Tell me, how dumb do you have to be put yourself back in that position? Even if the alcohol wasn’t necessarily his and Bryant’s - and a source with knowledge of the situation tells me that was the case - how do you make this kind of error in judgment?

Burying the lede, maybe? WTHR broke the story originally, and has seemingly been all over it sense. I've got no reason to doubt Bob's information here, but we'll take it for face value.

Does this matter legally? No, not at all. Will it matter when Tom Crean decides both players fate? Maybe, I don't know. But it's worth something, at least.