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Thomas Bryant and Emmitt Holt cited for illegal possession of alcohol

The latest episode in an ongoing saga of Indiana Basketball versus the law.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

WTHR is reporting that Thomas Bryant and Emmitt Holt were cited for illegal possession of alcohol. That article is right here.

This is Emmitt Holt's second alcohol-related run-in with the police, after being involved in the car accident that severely injured former Indiana player Devin Davis. This would be Thomas Bryant's first since arriving on campus as a much-heralded freshman.

Punishment remains to be seen, as Tom Crean and / or  Indiana Basketball has yet to officially comment on the punishment.

UPDATE, 5:30pm

A source with knowledge of the situation tells CrimsonQuarry that the pair had been at an off-campus apartment earlier in the evening, but not consuming alcohol at that time. They then left and went to another location, which was unknown. Excise police, who made the arrest, have yet to release any information. The WTHR report notes the time of arrest at 12:50 am Friday.

So, wait, illegal possession? They weren't drinking earlier? Does this mean maybe they weren't drinking and just had alcohol?

Not at all. IC 7.1-5-7-7 governs underage consumption/possession -- they both fall under the same statute. Only difference is an enhancement if the minor consumes and it results in bodily injury/death. Transporting alcohol on a public highway (a road) is the same statute as well. So, no, there wouldn't be a difference simply because WTHR is reporting it as "illegal possession."

Indiana athletics and Tom Crean released a statement moments ago that indicates they are gathering information on the situation.

UPDATE, 6:19pm

Our timeline is now complete. WTHR is now reporting that Bryant and Holt were attempting to hide full vodka bottles in a car they were passengers the two were both passengers inside. Five people were in the car at the time, and the other three were not cited. The incident occurred at the Convenient Food Mart near Memorial Stadium at the corner of 17th and Dunn.

We will keep providing updates to this story as they come available.