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Indiana target Eron Gordon will announce his decision Saturday in Indianapolis. Where will he go?

His brothers Eric and Evan preceded him at Indiana -- will the Hoosiers go 3 for 3 with the Gordon clan come Saturday?

His eldest brother was Indiana's big steal that ignited the Big Ten's most vitriolic rivalry in the latter 2000's. But his short Hoosier career ended amidst the turmoil of excessive phone calls and tossed potted plants.

His middle brother wasn't recruited by Indiana to start, but finished his career with the Hoosiers as a graduate transfer after stops at Liberty and Arizona State. He still didn't find a trip to the tournament in Bloomington.

Can Eron Gordon be the one to clean up his brothers' unfinished business in Bloomington? Indiana fans will find out Saturday. The youngest Gordon announced late this afternoon on Twitter that he'll make his college choice next Saturday at Indianapolis' Jewish Community Center on the northside:

Gordon's listed as a four-star prospect on 247's composite -- and the 15th best shooting guard in next year's class. He'd certainly be a huge get for Tom Crean's massive 2016 Class, which could be as large as six. It'd also mean Tom Crean's first two commitments for next season are in-state prospects -- which will mean something to weird people that feel that means something.

So where's he going to go?

I have no idea. Eron will tell you Saturday.

Okay, where do you THINK he'll go?

I do not like following recruiting. I think stalking the every turn of high school kids is weird, and therefore, I don't. I have a rough knowledge and understanding of who's good, the buzz, etc, but I am no expert. David does that for us here because he's a creep, but he's busy or something, so I'll fill in. There's my disclaimer. Proceed with caution.

Nearly every 247 Crystal Ball predictor has Gordon headed for Indiana. Only one guy's picking him to head to Butler. But, you'll notice, most of these are old. As a matter of fact, the most recent prediction has Gordon heading to Butler. Take that for what it's worth, whatever.

But, it's seemingly well known that Indiana had shifted some priority away from Gordon across the recruiting circuit in the past couple weeks. Here's Scout's Stu Jackson:

It's easiest to look at the school with the most 'momentum' as the favorite in recruiting, and that's certainly got to be the case here. LSU, just up the road from his brother in New Orleans, offered Gordon over the summer. There's no school anywhere in the country that can match LSU's recent recruiting momentum with other prospects, and Gordon's already spoke glowingly of the school's incoming 2015 class featuring top overall recruit Ben Simmons and Antonio Blakeney:

"That's somewhere I could definitely see myself going," Gordon said. "It's definitely a place with a lot of potential and is growing as a basketball program. That's one thing we've talked about is growing with the program. They've actually had a lot of great players go through there but it's been a while since they've been (strong)."

So, here's how we score it:

1. There's been less buzz about Indiana courting Gordon in recent weeks

2. LSU is Gordon's newest offer

3. His brother plays NBA basketball in New Orleans

4. LSU is, suddenly, the nations biggest CROOTIN' power and yes we're skeptical too

Eron Gordon's probably going to LSU.

(This is definitely not an attempt to jinx LSU.)