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Are 5-star recruits Kris Wilkes and Michael Porter plotting a super-class at Indiana in 2017?

Because this is what 2015 really looks like, come join me as I break down a 16 year old's Instagram comment.

While I still strongly advocate never to use social media to engage high school kids, this fan-made photoshop (Likely a Ty Rogers recruiting piece) found its way onto the Instagram of Michael Porter, the #2 overall ranked player in the class of 2017.

While that's fairly common to see pictures like this on a recruit's account, a Twitter user caught a little something extra in the comments section.

Did you hear that? That would be the sound of every Indiana fan collectively holding their breath at the thought of fellow 5-star and Indianapolis native Kris Wilkes assembling a super-class in 2017 consisting of Wilkes, Porter, top-30 recruit Paul Scruggs, and a 4th member that is most likely Trae Young.

In the meantime, I will watch this video of Michael Porter dunking until the 2017 signing day rolls around.