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ESPN's Andy Katz is predicting Indiana will play at Duke in Big Ten-ACC Challenge

"It's not like they're the University of Jesus Christ and we're playing the Twelve Disciples. It's just Duke. Duke is just a name on a jersey." - A.J. Moye


While the schedule for the Big Ten-ACC Challenge won't be announced for at least another couple weeks, ESPN's Andy Katz made a prediction today that the two marquee matchups will be Maryland at North Carolina and our Indiana Hoosiers at Satan's Duke Blue Devils.

Click here to hear for yourself.

You'll notice that Katz offered no reasoning as to why he thinks these matchups will come to fruition, but it is still enough to get us excited at CQ, even if for no other reason that it allows us to relive the most glorious moment of the 2000s.

(Pssst... If you jump ahead to where IU ties it with 5 minutes to go, you get audio from Fisch instead of Enberg.)

If NostraKatzus is correct, that will add Duke to an Indiana schedule that already includes Kansas and Louisville.